Vision  Homes

​​          We have more hands on experience than practically any other home builder you will encounter. We have built numerous homes on lots owned by our customers. We are a full service home builder and can draft your home plans, provide civil engineering, and handle all phases of home construction. Before you select any other " Build on your Lot " home builder contact us. Our price is all inclusive and will give you a true final cost of your home, not a misleading low price that excludes major cost factors such as site development, excavation and fine grading, and fixed soft costs such as tap fees, permit fees, and temporary utilities.

          ​If you have a lot or a major home renovation project in an oceanfront area or vacation area, contact us before you sign up with a builder local to the area. We have constructed nearly 60 homes in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and have many years experience in the intricacies of Ocean Front construction. We can save you thousands of dollars, not to mention the disastrous consequences of selecting the wrong builder.

          We are always on the search for new lots and we pay you a fair price for your lot.
Ask your realtor to contact us, or better still, contact us before you hire a realtor and save the commission.

          If you have a home improvement project, no matter how large or small, contact us. We can fix a faucet, finish a basement, add a garage, deck, or porch, or perform any project you need at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. We have a Class A Virginia License and are fully insured.